150 years of ministry

Our journey has been an extensive one, originating in the days when Wild Bill Hickock
served in the township as the constable. The Monticello Methodist Church was organized in 1865 at the close of the Civil War. Kansas was a young state at that time. 

Monticello's Beginning

Shortly after the development of homes, the settlers established a church and a school at
71st and Gleason Road in a building called the "Old Virginia Schoolhouse."  

The charter members were: 
Fannie Olson Jackson,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L Kueker,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mize, 

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Dubois,
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Murphy,
Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Hagler,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mize. 
They were under the pastoral care of Rev. A. R. Houts.  

A Time of transition

The members worshipped and sought spiritual enrichment at the Old Virginia School House
as well as in their homes. The next fourteen years the church shifted from one place
to another for worship services. 

The Church Building

In 1879 it was agreed that a church building should be constructed.  A site one and one-half miles southwest of the town of Monticello was purchased from Mr. W. P. Hagler for a sum of fifty dollars.  This is the site of the present church building. 

  After a fire destroyed the original building, a new structure was built in 1894 and was named Monticello Methodist Episcopal Church.  This building has become our prayer chapel and church offices.  Next to it stands a modern sanctuary with updated technology, a large recently renovated fellowship hall, and a large children's center.