All Church prayer

Pray for Monticello UMC on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. - in your own personal quiet time- wherever you are. Sign up to receive the prayer agenda HERE.

Prayer holds a meaningful place for our relationship with God. In the time of prayer, we can let down our guard and be honest with God about our hearts of excitement, hope, and concerns. Prayer is a sacred time we can listen to God's voice and receive a gift of peace.

Starting this year with the pandemic challenges ahead, I asked the church council, what if we come together in the spirit of God at the same time wherever you are and pray for the ministry of Monticello UMC? What if we become the agents of God's ministry as we humbly pray first before we discuss and make decisions? What if we as leaders of the church discern God's will first in our prayers? And then the group of this prayer expanded from 17 church council members to 38 church members. The prayer requests you share are remembered and lifted up during All Church Prayer. We as faith family pray together for the direction and the mission of our church. I write a short devotion and list the items and people for which you can pray during this All Church Prayer.

If you can set aside about 20 minutes for this prayer time, I would like to encourage you to SIGN UP for the All Church Prayer email list. If Wednesday at 8 pm does not work for you, you may set aside a different time to pray. This is NOT a zoom prayer meeting.

Thank you for staying awake for the ministry of Jesus in Monticello UMC. I count on the Holy Spirit who will speak to your heart and show us the evidence of God's presence through All Church Prayer.

Blessings, Pastor Hyemi