COVID Update

July 30, 2021

May God’s abundant grace be with you. As many of you no doubt have noted, the infection rate from the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has surged in recent weeks. In response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week issued a new recommendation that all people — including those fully vaccinated —

wear masks when indoors in areas where infection rates have soared.

I am keeping my eyes on the information from the health department of Johnson County. While it is not required to wear facial masks inside the building, I urge you to consider wearing masks during in-person worship for an extra layer of protection. It is my hope that the number of Covid 19 cases in Johnson County goes down in the next few weeks with more people getting vaccinated. It is my knowledge that 99% of our congregation excluding the children is fully vaccinated and we are the safest people you can be with. Let us continue to be the ambassador of Jesus who cares for the vulnerable- children and elderly.

I know that we are praying for the day we all can live without the threat of the Covid 19 virus.

And we trust that God is helping us to move toward our promised land. One thing the pandemic

cannot stop us is faithful acts of praying and loving one another. We will continue to be the

loving church who loves our God and our neighbors as God first loved us.

Pastor Hyemi