Parking lot fundraising

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August 14, 2019


Dear Monticello Family,  


Last Sunday during worship, we reflected on the gospel story from Mark chapter 2- Jesus forgives and heals the paralyzed man. This message speaks to us about our being paralyzed in our hearts, not being able to dream God’s dreams. And the gospel calls us to be the four friends who carry the needs of others to God’s presence.  

As a church it is hard to ask for help. We want to be the one who helps and carries others to the presence of God. But this time, our church is asking you all to be the four friends who put their
faith in the miracle of Jesus, and who take action. 

Monticello Church records read that in 1892 (127 years ago) the church had disastrous fire, and $1250 was raised by a few church members, the four friends, who put their faith in God’s work. God saw their faith and the church was able to rebuild the building.  

In our church history, there were numerous “four friends” who carried this church to new hope, and growth. They carried the mission impossible to possible, to where we are now. 

When we carry this campaign together, God sees our faith, and we will encounter the miracle of Jesus. We will experience the miracle of standing up and moving forward from being paralyzed. 

We all are the four friends to each other, and the sidekicks of Jesus.  In humility, let us to be carried to the presence of God. 

In Christ,
Rev. Hyemi Lee Jones

From the restoration and beautification committee

In the last few weeks we’ve had a couple of presentations given at church regarding the Capital Campaign and a large project we are undertaking, and we’d like to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on.  As most of you know, over the last year we have been preparing for a campaign to do some much needed upgrades and improvements to the church. We were able to do some high-level estimates on the work and concluded that a 3-5-year campaign to raise $250,000 was needed. The final step was meeting with a company that helps churches with the logistical and overhead items required to launch an official capital campaign. After meeting with them, and subsequent discussion about the cost of moving forward using them to facilitate our campaign, it caused us to take a step back and re-evaluate. After much prayer and discernment, it was determined that going down this path was not going to ultimately be right for our church and the Church Council voted to not move forward with that option. Instead of doing one large campaign that incorporated all the items into a single fundraising effort, we would plan to move forward with our projects on a smaller scale and shorter timeline.

Therefore, the capital campaign committee has been reformed as the Restoration and Beautification Committee with Kristen Haberstroh as chair.  Our goal will be to work through our list of improvements one focus at a time. Each project will become a mini campaign that we’ll bring before the congregation for necessary funding as we go. This will allow us to begin work on projects while we are still researching and planning for future items. We will be able to manage and facilitate these projects without additional outside cost which will ensure that we are able to be the best stewards of the donations given.

The committee will plan these smaller projects, with the help of the Trustees and Finance committees, and propose them before Church Council and then bring the request to the congregation. You’ve heard of a GoFundMe effort, right – this will be our own GoFundMUMC effort. We’ll do the necessary legwork, get the estimates and quotes for the needed items, wrangle volunteers if needed, and will present this to everyone for assistance in completing the project. These funds will be over and above your normal pledges to the church, but our hope is that when all the information is provided, we’ll be able to come together to meet the project goals.

Going forward we’ll keep you updated on the progress and be working on getting the next project outlined and planned. We believe that while it may still take several years to achieve all the items on our list, it will be much more manageable and seeing progress along the way will keep the momentum going while also being a blessing to our church.

With all of that in mind - we’re excited to get started and our new project is focusing on the Parking Lot.  There has been much deterioration and damage which must be addressed now before another winter further escalates the problem.

The Project is designed to resolve the issues affecting the east and south parking lots, curbs and sidewalks. Trustees met with several contractors and the accepted bid covers the following:

  •          Concrete repair and replacement on the outlined sidewalks and curbs
  •          Asphalt removal, full depth repair in the red zones marked and 4’ edge mill and 2” overlay throughout
  •          Repairs to the existing drain flume and the addition of a new drain flume in the north east corner

This work will require $55,000 to complete, but the amazing news is that last year we raised $29,000 towards the total needed while we were collecting funds for the foundation repair. The goal is to complete this work later this Fall, so we’re hoping to raise the additional $26,000 by the end of September.  We are asking for everyone to please prayerfully consider what you can donate to help. 


Thank you in advance for your donations and thank you so very much to everyone who has generously donated to our past projects. Please make your checks out to MUMC with “Parking Lot” in the memo or you can donate online through our website HERE as a designated gift marked to the parking lot. If thru the grace of God we raise more than the required amount, these funds will roll over into the next campaign. 


If you’d like to be a part of the team that is working to restore and beautify our church – please feel free to join the Restoration and Beautification Committee, our next meeting is Sunday, August 18th at 11:45.