Monticello Women

Sept. 9: 9 AM Walking Group. Location TBD.

Sept. 13: 7-9 PM Holiday Mart Craft Night in Fellowship Hall

Sept. 28: 7 PM Holiday Mart Meeting in Fellowship Hall

Oct. 14: 9 AM Last Walking Group of the season. Location TBD.

Oct. 25: 6:30-9 PM Halloween Party at Janet William’s house

Nov. 3: 4 PM Set up for Holiday Mart in Fellowship Hall

Nov. 4: 10 AM Holiday Mart in Fellowship Hall

Nov. 23: No meeting; Thanksgiving

Dec. 6: 11 AM to 1 PM Christian Fellowship Luncheon in Fellowship Hall

Dec. 7: 6:30-9 PM Christmas Party at Margaret Moore’s house

Dec. 13: 9:30 AM Doing for Others Christmas baskets and eating out

December: Mitten tree


All women are invited and we're always looking for ideas for new activities and spiritual opportunities! We hope you can join us.

Kathleen Isaacson and Debbie Umbarger