OVER 150 years of ministry

Our journey has been an extensive one, originating in the days when Wild Bill Hickock served in the township as the constable. The Monticello Methodist Church was organized in 1865 at the close of the Civil War in the Monticello Township in Western Shawnee, KS. Kansas was a young state at that time.  Read more here- an article written by the Shawnee Dispatch in 2004.

Monticello United Methodist Church celebrated it's 150th anniversary in September 2015.
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monticello's beginning

Early meetings were held in the Murphy home, with other early settler families in attendance. In 1865, meetings were held regularly in a building called the "Old Virginia Schoolhouse" near 71st and Gleason Rd. 

The Charter members were:

Fannie Olson Jackson;

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Kueker;

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mize;

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Dubois; 

Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Murphy;

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hegler;

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mize.

They were under the pastoral care of Rev. A.R. Houts. 

In 1872, the church body began meeting in the Lone Elm School on 79th Street.  In 1879, The German and American Methodist groups combined and decided to build a church. An acre of land at 75th and Gleason Rd. was purchased by the Hegler family for $50 for the church to use. 

Monticello Methodist Episcopal Church

The original church was built in 1894 but was destroyed by fire from a lighting storm. However, a new church building was built in the same location shortly after the fire.


This building has become our prayer chapel and church offices.  
Next to it stands a modern sanctuary, fellowship hall, and preschool.