Men's lunch

Saturday, July 20

11:30 AM

at Blind Box BBQ 13214 W. 62nd Terr. Shawnee

Men of Monticello and LifeBridge, let’s go to lunch! Bring a friend, too. 

 Men's morning group
Tuesdays at 6:45 AM
(Prayer Box Cafe in Shawnee)

We are a collection of sinners that are working on being better husbands, fathers, sons, co-workers and friends through Jesus’ example. We usually target studies that focus on current issues and talk through ways we can be a uniting presence instead of feeding into the systems in place that create division.  It’s primarily a group that works on how to apply what Jesus teaches us into our lives (as fathers, spouses and sons) and we know that we can’t always fix it ourselves or things in our lives. All men are invited to attend. Contact Brad Nielsen if you have questions.

Men's Breakfast and Devotion

Tuesdays at 8:00 AM

(Mcdonald's in shawnee)

All men are invited to join us at McDonald's in Shawnee for a time of devotion and sharing and fellowship. Contact the church office for more information.