online church directory

Click here to log in to your church database account called "Realm."

  • Our church database, called REALM, is available to all church members online. Each church member sets a unique username and password after being "invited" to join the church family. Simply contact the church office to receive an e-mail to get started.
  • Once you are inside Realm-please opt in to the online directory. From there you can choose what privacy level you are most comfortable with. Only Monticello church members can see your contact information and you choose what contact information you’d like church members to be able to see (address; phone, email). 
  • The more church members that join the church family and opt in the online directory- the easier it will be to communicate with each other- especially communication between members of a group or committee.
  • You can view your giving and edit your contact information.
  • Once you have a username and password- use the Sign in to Realm button at the bottom of our website’s home page.

Need help? Contact the church office at 441-1435 or send an e-mail here.